UNESCO - Paris

- UNESCO renovates the big lecture Hall situated on the site of Fontenoy in Paris. It is about the Room 1, used for the sessions of the General Conference of the UNESCO ( 1380 places). The project of rehabilitation includes the stakes in the standards handicapped persons and fire safety, the modernization of the developments of the Room and its acoustics, the renovation of the multimedia equipment and the technical installations of the amphitheater.. -

Owner : UNESCO Paris

Floor area : 4000 m2

Project : • Programs architectural & technical
• Consulting architects
• Followed of studies and works
• Followed financier (editing of the files of subsidies, control of costs)
• Operational organization and planning

Architectes : Architect Adviser : Jean-Loup Roubert
Project manager : Calq Architecture

Order date : November 2015/January 2017

Location : Paris 7