City of Cinema - Saint-Denis

- The former power station in Saint-Denis (Northern Paris), a red brick hulk rising up in the northern district of Paris as a survivor from industrial age, will get a second life as the centerpiece of the Cité du Cinema. The French movie Studios Europacorp designed the Cité européénne du Cinéma as an unprecedented project in Europe. This 6.5-ha campus dedicated to movie industry, will house nine film stages distributed on 13 000 m², and 51 000 m² of offices facilities and dedicated workshops, as well as catering services, and the National School of movie studies. -


Floor area : 55.000sqm

Project : programming, project management, technical advices (55.000 sqm : offices, ateliers, movies sets)

Architectes : Reichen & Robert

Order date : 2009

Location : Saint-Denis