District Balzac - Vitry s/Seine

- The Balzac public Housing projects, located in Vitry-sur-Seine City to respond to the huge public housing demand, suffers nowadays from severe urban and social dysfunctions. The remodeling of this site, close to the development area of les Ardoines (expected to house a future Grand Paris station), has been managed with the urban renewal Authority ANRU: 600 housing demolished to allow the reconstruction of a new district, remodeling of public spaces and large-scale technical renovations, over a 10-year project.
Client : SOREC
Total investisment : 300 millions € HT

Owner : SEMISE

Project :
• Pre-operational organization and planning of the project ANRU (660 demolished housing, 1.320 to build over 10 years)
• Coordination of the interventions of providers (planner, municipal services, architects)

Architectes : Christian Devillers

Order date : 2005/2008

Location : Vitry s/Seine