District of Larriss - Fontenay s/Bois

- The Larris public housing projects, located in the City of Bagneux (south Paris) built in the 60s to respond to the huge public housing demand, suffers nowadays from severe urban and social dysfunctions. The restructuring of the projects need a remodeling: partial demolition of paving stones and underground parking, traffic containment, pathways and bike lanes towards schools, and housing projects renovations, sponsored by the urban renewal Authority ANRU. The complexity of the project and the numerous partners on this project (services of council housing estate, SEM, co-ownerships, City…) needed a rigorous operation schedule.
Total investment: 4 million euro

Owner : Ville de Fontenay s/Bois

Project : · Followed of studies and works
· Coordination of the participants (municipal services)
· Followed financier (editing of the files of subsidies, control of costs)
· Operational organization and planning

Architectes : TER

Order date : 2005/2008

Location : Fontenay s/Bois